More than just a gym.

At Limitless of Dearfield Beach, we are building an ever growing family of people that not only embrace a lifestyle without limitations, but love it. Are you ready to join our family? 

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The motto that is the foundation of Limitless Strength & Conditioning. When you remove the limitations placed upon yourself, you can achieve anything.


Dedicated to Building a Better You

For those looking to achieve their best, whether in physical fitness or in sports performance, our facility has private services and group classes that will help you reach your true potential. 

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Defy your doubts and shatter your goals with programs, training, and community shaped to push you forward, no matter your age or athletic ability.

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Growing Family

Areas of Expertise

Personal Training

Personalized and effective one-on-one coaching tailored to fit your individual style while achieve your goals, both mentally and physically.

Group Sessions

A great way to get motivated, stay committed, form friendships, and have a great time while breaking a sweat and achieving your goals.

Strength & Conditioning

With a focus on improving overall fitness, the Limitless strength and conditioning programs provide the perfect balance in power and stamina.

Youth Fitness

Focusing on a safe, fun-filled environment while emphasizing building character, enhancing sports performance, and improving overall fitness.

Sports Performance Training

Whether your sport requires strength, agility, or speed, our coaches have programs dedicated to improve your game.


Squat, bench, and deadlift with a team dedicated to supporting and driving each other to achieve their best totals yet.


A Little About Us

Our fully qualified physical trainers are here to push, motivate, and help you get the most out of every session. They have the experience you need but with a side helping of personality to ensure every session is fun, engaging and fully immersive.


At Limitless Strength & Conditioning you will be trained by some of the best, most knowledgable coaches in the country. From people stepping into a gym for the first time all the way to professional athletes, we've worked with and improved them all.


Our coaches hold certifications from the highly acclaimed Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Associate (CSCCa)


All Limitless Strength & Conditioning coaches hold degrees from Florida Atlantic University's Strength & Conditioning - Strength & Conditioning for Olympic Sports program.


Coach Ken Morris served as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Florida. Covering areas such as football, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, olympic sports, and track and field.

University of Toledo

Coach Ken Morris served as the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Toledo Rocket's football team where he coached multiple athletes in preparation for the NFL combine and Pro Day.

Since 2012, we've helped countless people of all ability levels embrace a lifestyle without limitations through hard work, personalized mentoring and a family style atmosphere.


Why We Do What We Do

“Working out at Limitless Strength and Conditioning is better than working out at any gym.”

Nikki Sullivan

"Trainers that take their time and are not looking at the clock to start with the next customer."

Orlando Hernandez

"Close knit gym, with great equipment, great trainers, and great programs. 10/10 would recommend."

Magno Santos

"Coach Ken and his knowledge helped me gain 25lbs of muscle and become a Division I baseball starter."

Randall Minogue

"Because of Ken and the entire family at Limitless, I’ve lost over 40 pounds in under 4 months"

Peter Smith

"No matter your age or athletic ability there is something for everyone! This is one big family!"

Lisa Widelitz

"The facility is clean, personal, and geared towards your individual goals. Oh, and Daniella rocks!"

Kelly Cummings

"Coaches Ken and Daniella make sure you have all the tools to become stronger physically and mentally."

Shaun Krin

"Limitless is the best gym in South Florida. No matter what your goals are Limitless has you covered!"

Erik Rakoczy

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